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Exquisite Art of Steel Captivity

Dive into the mesmerizing world of restraint with the Steel Prisoner Chastity Cage. Designed for those with an eye for detail and a hunger for limitation, each cage offers a unique blend of form and function. Choose between circular or oval rings to find the fit that speaks to your deepest desires. As a medium-length device, this cage manages to strike the balance between comfort and tantalizing restriction. Whether you’re stepping into the world of chastity for the first time or you’re well-acquainted with its allure, the undeniable craftsmanship of this cage stands out. Crafted from 100% body-safe stainless steel, security is just a lock away – and with two keys included, entrust them to your chosen key holder and embark on a journey of anticipation.

Feature Description
Material 100% Body-Safe Stainless Steel
Ring Options Circular or Oval
Length Medium
Lock Mechanism Keyed
Keys Included 2

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