Large Metal Bird Cage Chastity Device


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Experience a Bold Imprisonment: Secure, Visible, and Undeniably Sensual

Step into a world where the blend of control and visibility takes center stage. The Large Steel Bird Cage Chastity Device ensures its wearer is confidently confined, yet the straight bar design showcases tantalizing glimpses of the imprisoned essence. A delightful tease for the keyholder, the spacious design ensures the wearer is aware of every tantalizing touch.

Tailored especially for the well-endowed individual, this chastity device strikes a balance between spaciousness and snugness. Its unique curvature ensures adaptability, accommodating both rest and arousal. The slender bars give it a lightweight feel, making it a discreet yet distinctive choice for day-to-day wear

Fiche technique:

  • Matériau : Metal
  • Design : Straight-bar with curved structure
  • Taille : Large (ideal for above-average dimensions) +3 inches
  • Type de cage : Male chastity
  • Mécanisme de verrouillage : Steel rings of variable sizes

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