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Discover the Transparent Resin Grizzly Chastity Cage in Size Small – A Key to Unleashing Controlled Desires

Embrace the sensual limits of submission with the Transparent Resin Grizzly Chastity Cage, Small. This finely crafted device is your gateway to exploring the erotic pleasures of chastity, providing a delicate balance between confinement and comfort.

Category Details
Material Resin
Product Inventory 1 chastity cage
4 hinged rings
1 lock + keys
Ring Dimensions Diameter (mm): 38, 43, 48, 52
Cage Dimensions Tube Length: 38 mm
Internal Diameter: 31 mm


  • Lightweight Design: Ideal for the active submissive, this cage is designed for continuous wear.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: Comes with various cockring sizes to ensure a secure fit, enhancing stability without sacrificing comfort.
  • Oval Ring: Supports ease around the scrotum, pressing it snugly against the cage’s tube to minimize movement.
  • Internal Lock: Robust yet unobtrusive, the lock ensures safe and discrete long-term wear.

Hygiene Features

  • Breathable Build: Equipped with ample ventilation holes across the surface for improved air circulation.
  • Urine Slot: Neatly positioned at the tip for hygiene, allowing cleanliness during use.
  • Superior Plastic Material: Constructed from first-rate non-toxic plastic for durability and safety.
  • Easy Cleaning: Simply wash with warm soapy water using a pH-neutral, fragrance-free soap to maintain hygiene.
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