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Experience the freedom of confinement with the Maxi Long 4V, an evolutionary step in chastity design.

Evolving from the revered design of the iconic Nub chastity cage, meet the Maxi Long 4V. This avant-garde piece is not just any cage, but a union of artistry and function. Elegantly sculpted to generously fit larger anatomies, the Maxi provides an amiable embrace, ensuring an ergonomic fit. Boasting an impressive 3+ inches in length, this cage is the crowning jewel of the V4 collection. And just like its sibling cages, it showcases a vibrant spectrum of hues, allowing personal expression to shine even in confinement.

Feature Specification
Design Origin Nub Series
Version 4V Maxi Long
Dimension 3+ inches
Color Options Pink, Black, Clear

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