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Tap into your pleasure potential.


Discover a new level of submission with this tailored restraint designed for the daring.

Dive into the realm of absolute surrender with our specialized Anal Only Female Chastity Belt. Every inch of this tempting restraint is meticulously designed for those passionate about unparalleled dominance. Sculpted with malleable steel wire sheathed in velvety silicone, it promises a secure fit tailored just for you. Its ingeniously integrated design, complete with a locking mechanism at the waist, guarantees zero escape routes.

What’s more? The belt’s smart architecture promotes hygienic use, streamlining cleaning routines. Intensify your journey with optional attachments pussy or anal plugs, locking firmly onto the belt. They’re the ultimate assurance that ensures absolute confinement. Available in a range of sizes, this formidable tool ensures an unrivaled level of restraint, making you yield fully to every desire of your Dominant. Succumb to the growing anticipation, ever aware that only they decide the moment of your ultimate satisfaction.


  • Input: Silicone Lined Stainless Steel
  • XS: 23.6-26.4 In
  • S: 26.8-29.5 In
  • M: 29.9-32.7 In
  • L: 33.1-35.8 In
  • XL: 36.2-39 In
  • 2XL: 39.4-42.1 In
  • 3XL: 42.5-45.3 In
  • Includes: 1 Padlock, 2 Keys

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