Elegant Permanent Female Chastity Belt


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A Symbol of Absolute Power & Control

Dive deep into the world of thrilling dominance with our tailor-made female chastity belt. Crafted for Dominants desiring an unwavering grip on their submissive’s desires, this captivating device showcases a waistband and strap, sealed together by twin padlocks. This promises the mystery of what’s concealed beneath the layers. Revel in the audacity of the design, apt for both permanent and discreet wear. Amplify your assertion by introducing an anal plug, a subtle nudge with each step about who’s in command. This is not just a device; it’s an invitation to a world where passion meets restraint. The culmination? The pulsating anticipation, patiently waiting for your verdict to release or to restrain.

Feature Description
Material Silicone Lined Stainless Steel
Waist Sizes Small: 23.6-35.4 In, Large: 35.4-47.2 In
Package 2 Padlocks, 2 Keys Each

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