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Unlock Your Desires with the Ultimate Male Metal Handcuff Chastity Cage

The Chastity Cage Male Metal Handcuff is your secret key to fulfilling hidden sexual fantasies. Embrace the excitement of denial and the thrill of submission with this premier bondage device.

Features of the Chastity Cage Male Metal Handcuff

Feature Specification
Material Stainless Steel
Cage Dimensions
Tube Length 85 mm
Internal Diameter 36 mm
Handcuff Ring Dimensions
Adjustable Diameter From 41 mm to 54 mm

Design Insights

  • Extended Length: Perfectly suited for men with longer anatomy, ensuring comfort while secured.
  • Ventilated Shaft: The cage features multiple openings that provoke and increase sensitivity, perfect for tantalizing teases by your keyholder.
  • Quick-Fit Handcuff: This feature allows for an easy and quick fit, accommodating various body types seamlessly.
  • Padlock Closure: Classic, reliable, and stylish, this locking mechanism is favored by bondage enthusiasts for its aesthetic and functional appeal.
  • Segmented Construction: A hinge at the base allows for easy maintenance and solid support throughout.

Hygiene Highlights

  • Urination Slot: Positioned for practicality, it allows for ease of use without removal, facilitating long-term wear.
  • Airy Build: Its design ensures that air circulates freely, reducing sweat and maintaining comfort over prolonged periods.
  • Non-Porous Material: Metal construction prevents odor absorption and ensures the cage remains odor-free.
  • Corrosion-Resistant: Made with stainless steel, it is built to resist rust and degradation, even in humid environments.

Superior Features

  • Robust Construction: The durable stainless steel material promises endurance and reliability under any condition.
  • Weighty Sensation: Its substantial weight enhances the physical sense of confinement and submission.
  • Elegant Metallic Aesthetic: The polished finish and sleek lines turn this chastity cage into a visually stunning symbol of subjugation.
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