What is the male chastity lifestyle ? 

When it comes to exploring various dimensions of intimacy and trust in a relationship, chastity devices and the lifestyle associated with them have grown increasingly popular among men. The idea of chastity might seem strange or even off-putting at first. However, it offers a unique perspective on sexual pleasure and control. So, what exactly is […]

What is the point of a chastity cage ?

Male chastity cages, devices designed to prevent sexual arousal and activity, have gained popularity in many bedrooms worldwide. While some people might associate these devices with ancient customs or BDSM scenarios, their use extends far beyond these confines. The chastity cage is more than a mere sexual device; it is a symbol of trust, control, […]

When was the chastity cage invented ?

Chastity cages, often referred to as male chastity devices or belts, have become a prominent fixture in the world of sexual exploration and BDSM. These devices, typically locked and secured around the penis, serve to prevent sexual intercourse or masturbation. Despite their recent surge in popularity, these cages have a deep and extensive history, with […]

Why should we practice chastity?

In a world where sexual behaviors and attitudes are increasingly liberal, the concept of chastity may seem outdated or irrelevant. However, it holds significant importance in developing a deeper understanding of sexuality, relationships, and personal commitment. As you delve into this topic, understand that chastity is not about repressing your sexual urges, but rather about […]

What happens when you submit to chastity ?

In the intricate web of human desire and intimacy, the concept of chastity may seem like a thread from another era, conflicting with today’s liberated views on sexuality. Yet, within certain dynamics of love and power, chastity holds a distinct and profound place. When people willingly submit to chastity, especially within the context of BDSM […]

How to choose a chastity cage ?

In the realm of male chastity, the choice of the right device is a crucial step in ensuring the wearer’s safety, comfort, and satisfaction. The variety of chastity cages available in the market can make the process of selection daunting. However, certain key factors including size, diameter, and length should influence your decision. This article […]